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Heldenreise Hero's Journey

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Next Journey Spring 2012:

16. March till 22. March 2012
in Reichenau an der Rax (in the area of Vienna)


We will lead you through a creative group process that includes meditation, dramatisation and gestalt practices. All activities will draw on the personal life experienceof the participants on the mind, heart and body level. Consequently those who take part must be able and willing to sharethis kind of group process and feel at ease in this environment. The sole responsibility for any experience during theworkshop lies with the participant.

The workshop will be facilitated in English, with support for German and French speakers. If you think that language might be a problem for you contact Anita (Englisch, German, French), Tony (Englisch, French) or Gisela (Englisch, German).

Friday 16th March 2012 (afternoon) till Thursday 22th March 2012 (afternoon)

The venue is at the Seminarhotel Flackl in Reichenau an der Rax, 97 kilometers south west of Vienna. The seminarhotel is located in a scenic rural area below the mountains.

660 EUR for 7 days (excl. accommodation and meals).
Two or more people signing up at the same time, discount of EUR 25 each. Some concessions available.

Please use the Registration form:opens here

Registration via email to will be also without signature accepted as long as they include the details above and the wording "I register to the Hero's Journey 16th-22nd March 2012 in Austria" . Please contact any of these three:
  • in France Tony Khabaz, +33.(0)68.4078782;
  • in Austria Anita Reinbacher, +43.(0)699.11240618;
  • in Germany Gisela Mellick-Felstead, +49.(0)8041.9454;  

Up to 1 week notice of cancellation: 50% of the fee is payable.
1 week or less or no-show: 100% of fee is payable.





"You sense that there is more to life than you are living"

16. March till 22. March 2012
in Reichenau an der Rax (in the area of Vienna)